Sun damage and skin blemishes

Melanocytes are the cells in our skin that produce pigment. When we are exposed to the sun, they work harder, tanning our skin. Sunlight is radiation which can cause harm and unfortunately, the price we pay for the tan is progressive sun damage. Melanocyte function can be disrupted resulting in freckles and sun spots/age spots. The radiation also affects fibroblasts and other cells resulting in fine lines & wrinkles, redness, broken veins and loose, leathery, thick skin.

Prevention is always better than cure
Even though the UK does not have a hot climate, the sun still shines and so our skin is exposed to its radiation. We should all wear products daily which provide an SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 20 - the higher the better! Many make-up products and moisturisers now contain these. Importantly, we should all avoid getting burnt at all costs and make sure that a good sun lotion is applied regularly when in strong sunshine. The best way to avoid sun damage is to cover up and stay out of it!

At the Townshend Skin Clinic, we have a variety of ways to combat the signs of sun damage. Click on a treatment to find out more.

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