Obagi-C® Rx System


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The Obagi–C® Rx System is the only prescription strength skin care system that includes professional strength vitamin C. It also contains hydroxyquinone to give results that you can really see.

The system contains 5 products: C-Cleansing Gel, C-Exfoliating Day Lotion, C-SunGuard, C-Therapy Night Cream and the prescription strength C-Clarifying Serum. These products have been formulated to work together with compatible pHs to ensure maximum penetration.

Who is it for?
The Obagi–C® Rx System is ideal for those suffering from:

How does it work?
Vitamin C offers your skin antioxidant protection against free radicals as well as directly stimulating collagen synthesis. Hydroxyquinone addresses hyperpigmentation such as freckles and other blemishes.

Together they are called the C-Claryfying Serum and provide 2x better penetration than the leading competitor’s Vitamin C serum.

Do I need a prescription?

The powerful C-Clarifying Serum is the key to this program and does require a prescription. An initial consultation is required with Dr Townshend which is free of charge. After this, further purchases do not require consultation.



"Just to let you know that the Obagi® skin products have worked wonders and my skin feels amazing. I can't believe the results."

EB, Northampton

"If only I'd know about Obagi® before, I could've saved time and money wasted on over the counter products that I used to use. They smelled great but never actually did much for my skin."

EW, Leicester

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