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The Townshend Skin Clinic is now closed.

Dr Askari Townshend has opened a new clinic in the City of London - ASKINOLOGY - offering the same range of treatments including laser hair removal, Botox®, dermal fillers and Dr Zein Obagi's new range, ZO Skin Health.

Call 0207 0432233 to speak to an expert to help you make the change! .


Closest underground stations are Bank and Liverpool St.

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For deeper lines (e.g. between the corner of the nose and mouth) hollows and scars, fillers may be the answer.


Dermal fillers are clear medical gels that are based on hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the skin and has many roles including keeping skin hydrated. Fillers are carefully injected under the skin to fill out depressions that cause lines and wrinkles.

Before injection, local anaesthetic is used to make the procedure more comfortable - this is offered free of charge. Juvéderm Ultra® is a new filler that contains a local anaesthetic which makes the whole experience more comfortable during and after the procedure.

None of the dermal fillers that we use contain animal or bacteria derived products and so do not cause allergic reactions. Once in place, they are slowly absorbed and naturally cleared by the body. Depending on the filler used, the effects can last up to 12 months!


Fuller Lips (lip augmentation)

Dermal fillers (such as Juvéderm Ultra®) can also be used to  give your lips a fuller shape, correct unevenness and improve down-sloping mouth corners.

Fillers are the gold standard treatment for smokers lines around the mouth or  lipstick bleed lines. Dr Townshend does not create “trout pouts” but restores lost volume, enhances and improve your natural shape.


Juvederm Voluma for Cheeks

As we age we lose volume the fat pads in our cheeks. This leads to flattened cheeks, heavy nose to mouth lines and jowling. Juvederm Voluma is a long lasting filler that replaces that lost volume and restores the natural youthful heart shape to your face. In gently lifting the cheeks, it also improves nose to mouth lines, lines at the corner of the mouth and jowling.

Effects can last for over a year to make this treatment excellent value for money.



Is it safe?
The fillers that we use do not contain animal or bacteria derived products and so immune reactions are not a feature. After treatment there may be swelling, bruising or tenderness around the treated area. If this does occur, it usually resolves in a matter of hours.

How do I know what type of filler I need?
The best product for you will depend on your area of concern and what you hope to achieve. The options will be discussed fully during your consultation to help you chose the right treatment for you.



Dear Dr Townshend,

"Just wanted to thank you for my treatment this morning, and for coming in early.  I am absolutely delighted with the result and will definitely recommend you to any of my friends also interested in having treatment.  I'm sure I will be back in the near future to have the other fine lines treated around my mouth. Thank you once again, I already feel 10 years younger!!!"

Sue, Northampton

"I don't like needles and was afraid that the procedure was going to hurt. All I felt were two pricks for the anaesthetic and not much else. I didn't realise how quick the treatment would be. Having Dr Townshend reassure me and a calm atmosphere really put me at ease. Why did I wait so long to do this?!"

RW, Cambridge

"Looking like Leslie Ash was my real worry! Dr Townshend spent a lot of time explaining the procedure in words that I could understand which was really reassuring. Knowing that he's a proper surgeon was even better. He gave me the lips I've wanted for ages!"

KT, Milton Keynes

"I really didn't want anyone at work to know that I was having a filler treatment. The next day I was surprised to find that there were no bruises or marks - my lines just looked much softer but still natural."

AF, Northampton


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